Naturally, humans thrive from a plant derived diet, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. At the Berry Beet, our items are based on this concept. We offer a vegan menu, with an organic dairy option for those who prefer it.

A Special Approach To Health

​Here at the Berry Beet, we work alongside a Naturopathic doctor, so believe us when we say we are exactly what the doctor ordered! Our doctor also provides quick complimentary consultations for juice recommendations.


Organic is the best choice to maintain personal and planetary health. When choosing organic, you are choosing food grown without harmful chemicals and without GMO’s, allowing more nutrients and better taste for you as the consumer. Not only is it critical for our health, organic farming is important for our planet as it is a sustainable choice supporting eco-sustenance. To protect our bodies and planet from pollution, allowing years of flourishing health, join us in choosing organic. 

A Little About Us

​The Berry Beet is a local family owned and operated juice bar located in Ahwatukee.  Health focused and plant based, the Berry Beet is serving fresh, made to order juice, smoothies and açaí/pitaya bowls. Our items are crafted from the best organic ingredients to provide you with key essential nutrients for optimal health.